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The Debate Over Building a Presidential Palace

In 2005 there was debate over whether Osu Castle should be replaced as the seat of government. The New Patriotic Party (NPP) argued that the government should not sit at the Castle due to its previous association with slavery and also because its facilities were inadequate. The opposition sparked a debate on government spending priorities. While the then NPP extolled the construction of the project as Ghana's Presidential Palace, the NDC the opposition party dismissed it, and its members rather called for such funds would be better spent elsewhere such as to be used towards solving the nation's energy crisis, alleviating poverty and providing accommodation on the country’s university campuses. The ruling government at the time took a decision and went ahead to build the Presidential Palace named Golden Jubilee House despite all the criticism from the opposition party and the general public. The new presidential palace was built and completed in August 2008. The NDC administration (opposition at the time) is yet to move into the Golden Jubilee House. The decision to build a presidential palace during the time the country is facing financial and economic crises couple with its internal and external depts is debatable. This case enables students and Professors to discuss the decisions taken by governments in developing countries in Africa while they face the problem with setting priorities on their developmental agenda. It will also show students that despite differences in political ideologies, conflicts in governments can be solve through dialogue for a country to have peace and stability.

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Working with the center has enriches my knowledge in analyzing complex situations to arrived at a decision. Case study method is a key component of academic programmes therefore the experience I gain at the center has equipped me to introduce case study writing as a critical component of a curriculum in my institute.

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