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1,Choose the Case


You can order the cases as follows,

a)Public administration cases in China, composed or edited by School of Public Policy and Management, 

Tsinghua University.

b)Cases in Chinese, translated from and authorized by Kennedy Government School, Harvard University. 

You can search on the index according to the case source and case issue, and write down the case code in the

order form.


2, Register and Log In


You should firstly register and then order the case. If it is the first visit, please register first.


3,Submit the Order Form


You can submit the form by e-mail or by post.


 Mail Address:

Room 501, China Case Center for Public Policy and Management, School of Public Policy and Management,

Tsinghua University.

Postcode: 100084, Tel&Fax: +8610-62788958, E-mail: cccppm@tsinghua.edu.cn


4, Payment


Mainland China User: 1000 RMB per case

Other Regions and Countries User: 2000 RMB per case


You can complete the payment via bank transfer, to the account as follows,


Bank of Deposit: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Beijing Branch, Haidian Distinct Western Zone Sub-


Payee: Tsinghua University (059)

Account Number: 0200004509089131550

Tel&Fax: +86-10-62788958


CCCPPM will send you the cases by post or via e-mail, after confirming your order and receiveing your payment.

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