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The mission of CCCPPM is to create China Case Bank for Public Policy & Management, which case studies come from domestic current events in China. More than 100 case studies have been developed covering public policy, crisis management, regional economics, leadership, NGO management, innovation in government and so on. CCCPPM also develops multimedia cases in order to create more real and live case simulations for the classroom teaching. With the trend of internationalization, CCCPPM has translated some of its cases into English.  It helps international scholars and students to learn and understand the experiences of China’s practice. A series of casebooks in China Public Management have been published by Tsinghua University Press.


The Center has strict procedures on case development. All faculty members and students of SPPM may participate in case writing according to their interests. Each author shall conduct a case study including literature review and field work. The Center has engaged in intensive cooperation with local and central governments, firms and non-profit organizations. The quality control of the case  is critical to ensure the quality of classroom teaching. The instructors and students will evaluate the case when it is firstly used in the classroom. Several cases are selected to be translated into English and used by the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

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